21 October 2016

Tips On Getting Your Bus Clean

Before the school year starts, there’s an important issue bus drivers need to face, and that’s keeping their bus clean without breaking the bank. And preventive cleaning is the key to keeping your bus looking as new as the same day you bought it. A well-kept bus shows people you care about them and it will ensure the riders get the best experience possible as you transport them to and from various locations.

Before Bus Cleaning

Unlatch all the seats, and flip the seats up.
Sweep down the bus (starting from the back and work your way up to the front of the bus.)
Be sure to get in-between the seats, under and in-between the seats bar or crack that is up against the passenger’s sides. Don’t forget to check for gum and candy wrappers.
Remove all of your personal belongings off of the bus; take down anything above the passenger’s windows and anything that you have hanging in front on the overhead.
Now the cleaning can begin!
Tips for Cleaning

Pack some WD-40 for dried gum, Skittles and other sticky candies.
Use some Pine Sol for the overhead, sides and floor.
Holoway House has a nice wax and floor wash that doesn’t strip the wax when it’s time to mop.
MX-7; outside of windows for mineral deposits and drops. Also used with a honey-combed sponge for application. Gloves are required when using this product.
Windex, inside windows.
Color Back; by Turtle Wax (this is optional) if you feel energetic enough for the outside.
Tools: razor knife, putty knife, flat screw drivers and Phillips.
Spray Bottles for tire dressing (commercial grade.)
Plenty of old bath towels from yard sales or old t-shirts.
To remove ballpoint ink, some Aqua Net hairspray works on most inks, and so does Vandalism Remover.
Don’t forget to use ArmorAll or similar products on the steering wheel or on the seats, because it becomes too slippery to drive, and it may make the students slip and slide from their seats.

Weekly Window Wash

Window interiors tend to get a lot of residue. Every week, make sure to give the windows a quick spray down with high-quality vinegar based window cleaner. To finish the job, wipe down with microfiber cloth until thoroughly dry.

When you move to the outside of the bus, give the outside of the bus a good washing, and then proceed with wax. When the bus is out in public, you represent the town and the school, so make sure to always keep your bus clean.

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