Kisi-kisi Soal UTS dan UAS Elektronika Beserta Jawaban

SOAL A 1) Berikut ini yang termasuk komponen elektronika dengan jenis komponen pasif yaitu ....

Kisi-kisi Soal UTS dan UAS Sistem Terdistribusi Beserta Jawaban

SOAL A 1. Berikut ini yang merupakan karakteristik dari definisi sistem terdistribusi adalah ....

Remove Bios Password and Harddissk (HDD) Laptop

I think to remove the bios password on an average PC is already can, although without having to memorize the password. the system jumpers or removing battery bios. ever see a supervisor, admin, system, HDD, bios, setup password?

Memperbaiki Kick Starter Motor Matic

Motor Matic is a motor that is the easiest to use and most in our homeland. please note that the motor also takes care of very sensitive, just like a computer that also takes care of sensitive anyway.

Gejala Kerusakan Mesin Air Submersible Metabo

Mesin Air Submersible atau yang sering disebut kebanyakan orang (satelit) ini sangat bagus, dengan sistemnya yang canggih dan fleksible. tipe mesin yang berbasis kerja di dalam tanah dan hanya menggunakan satu pipa ini, sangat berguna untuk anda yang memiliki banyak lumpur atau air kuning setelah pengeboran.

23 July 2010

Death grip isn’t quite fatal on the iPhone’s competitors

During the iPhone 4 press conference last week Steve Jobs pointed out that signal loss when a mobile phone is held in a user’s hand isn’t just something that happens to the iPhone 4. In fact it’s something that happens to any antenna when you touch it, but phone manufacturers take this into account and design around it. In addition to pointing out this fact about antenna design, Jobs called out other manufacturer’s phones saying they had variations of the iPhone 4’s problem. These phones included the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia II. Apple’s antenna explanation page explains antenna signal loss resulting from certain grips on those phones as well as the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and Nokia N97 mini.
(By they way, has an article that explains the whole iPhone 4 antenna issue, if you are interested in learning more about reception and attenuation. This would be a good time to read that if things aren’t quite clear.)
PC Mag took it upon themselves to test out a few of Apple’s claims, similar to what many of Nokia and Blackberry fans have been doing since the press conference. The result was this video:

They tested with the dBm value of the signal strength which is a much better way to look at reception than the number of coverage bars (which is filtered by a formula on the phone, as we all saw with the iPhone 4.0.1 release). Keep in mind that these are negative numbers, with reception improving as the number approaches zero. They tested the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide (significant drop), Droid Incredible (minor drop), Droid X (significant), Blackberry Bold 9650 (minor), and Samsung Captivate (significant). It’s worth noting that none of these required a single finger to drop the signal significantly (or if they did it wasn’t mentioned), and some were tested with two hands to almost completely encasing the phone.
The takeaway? The so-called “death grip” does affect other phones, but the amount varies from one device to the next. And to see a significant change in reception some times completely impractical grips are necessary. No cases were tested, but that would be the next logical step.

In between the phones they tested out the grip on different foods and, inexplicably, a pink paper rabbit. This might have been a statement on how tired everyone is getting of this whole antenna issue. Or maybe they were just trying to lighten the mood.

HP Slate 500 pops up on company website, still running Windows 7

Without ever having been released, the HP Slate tablet has had a strange and dramatic history with many twists-and-turns. Originally held aloft by no less a personage than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as the first of many Windows 7 capable tablets ready to do battle with Apple’s iPad, HP then bought Palm for their webOS operating system and announced that their future tablets would eschew Windows 7 in favor of operating systems built from the ground up for multitouch.
So it’s confusing to see the HP Slate 500, version 1002tu, pop up on HP’s own website today, running on Windows 7 and — according to HP — capable of “giv[ing] yu access to photos, videos and everything on the Internet with just a touch.”
Compared to the iPad, the Slate has a few technological advantages, including dual cameras and Flash compatibility, but it’s strange to see HP waffle on this. They spent a huge amount of money on their own operating system specifically for use in mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones, but even after the check has been written, they just don’t seem ready to bet the farm on it.
They should: Windows 7 sucks for slate-like tablets, and webOS is a good enough operating system that HP would be foolish not to staunchly support it. If Apple’s proven anything, it’s that a product can only be successful when the whole company is behind it, and webOS is very much an HP product now.

21 July 2010

Marhaban yaa Ramadhan

Ramadhan syahru Shiam

Marhaban Yaa Syahru Ramadhan
Puasa puasa,   ayo kita puasa...
Barang siapa yang bergembira akan kedatangan Ramadhan, Harram Allahu Jasadahu 'ala NiiRaan.
Untuk melihat Doa Kamilin silahkan ke sini
Jangan lupa juga untuk belajar tajwid dalam membaca AL-Qur'an juga ya 

07 July 2010


The famous TV presenter has complido his dream. Frustrated after spending years donating money to charities, Oprah has said he built a school for poor girls in South Africa because she wanted to feel closer to the people they tried to help.

"It really frustrated me that everything he did was sign a check after another" but "comes a time when one wants to feel that connection," he told Newsweek. Winfrey spent five years and $ 40 million to build the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, outside Johannesburg. The sumptuous school for girls 12 and 13 years spans nearly nine hectares and has 28 buildings and includes huge fireplaces, a yoga studio, carports and outdoor theaters and a beauty salon. "These girls deserve to be surrounded by beauty, and beauty is an inspiration," she said Winfrey told the magazine. "I wanted this to be a place to honor them because these girls have never been treated with kindness. No one has ever told they are pretty or have wonderful dimples that. I wanted to hear that kind of thing when I was a child".
But like everything it can never be rosy and perfect, some selfish personalities airhead, criticized saying that the institution was too luxurious for a poor country like that. I mean, these girls without resources have no right to live a decent life. I do not like review but in this case I must say that ignorance is the number one enemy of our society. And one thing you Oprah, you're my hero and an example to follow.


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