07 February 2017

How To Remove Index or deindex from Google quickly and fast

How I deindexed my website from Google in a short span of time of not more than five hours. Yup, it may sound bit strange for some folks that why somebody want to deindex website from Google though on the other side indexing website or posts is a big headache for some folks.

1. Blog Settings
First of all I go to blogger because its a blogspot domain, after that from blog settings > basic > Privay - click on edit and then mark check on 2nd line 2nd option to not allow search engines to find your blog. After that tap on Save Changes button.

2. Google Webpage Removal Tool
After that I go to Google webmaster tools to not even deindex post but also to remove its cache page from Google search. For that I go to site dashboard > Click on Google Index from left sidebar > And then I select Remove URLs from drop down. After that I clicked on create a new removal request button from right section and then paste the 2nd part of url (after .tld/) of post in field in the url-input field, the post which I placed as static on my website homepage. And then click on continue button. Then I proceeded to the next page where I got three different url removal options:
  • Remove page from search results and cache
  • Remove page from cache only
  • Remove directory

I go with the first option and then did a click on submit request button for complete url removal submission. And then I repeat the same process by submitting new removal request but with blank field. But keep in mind the complete domain removal with all instances via webmaster tools is temporary (approximately for 3 month). For permanent complete content removal you must need to block website via robots.txt.

3. Deindex Site From Google and Other Search Engines Via Robots.Txt File
How To Deindex Website From Google
So, again I go back to my blogger blog dashboard > search preferences > from Crawlers and indexing section I enable custom robots.txt content. And then I copy paste following code in the field to not allow bots of all search engines especially of Google to crawl my site pages anymore in future. After all hit save changes button.
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Keep in mind that do not use empty disallow " disallow: ", because it means disallow nothing from this domain.

4. Make Website No Index Via Meta Tags
Now here is the last and one of the most effective step is to apply a meta robots noindex tag throughout the site. Once again i go to blogger blog dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > and then just below <head> line I placed this piece of code to shut the all search engines out from indexing and crawling my entire site.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">

And then finally click on save template button.
In last after applying all methods to remove site from search results I finally used a fetch as Google service and submit my domain url with all linked pages. I did this to send Google bots on website to crawl so that they can quickly find that this site is now de-indexed by various methods. After submitting url to fetch it, tool will show success in results but, when you see the same url after few hours the word success with green mark should turned into Denied by robots.txt with yellow mark if everything worked properly.
Then I go to my bed to take some sleep because in the early morning just after 5 hours I have to go university for some documentation and industrial visits. After about 4.5 hours before leaving to catch the bus for university I open my machine to check my site's status, a kind of slightly devilish smile appeared on my face after seeing the website which I ranked with a lot of hard work is finally deindexed by myself just because of my small mistake.

I confirmed my website removal from search engines especially Google by typing the exact url in search field and I didn't saw any result from my site. By the way as second proof I saw a severe health issues icons in webmaster tools rich snippet.
How To Deindex Website From Google
After 2-3 days, from site's webmaster tools dashboard overview, I witnessed there was a big significant drop in search queries graph. Look at the following screenshot:
How To Deindex Website From Google
In last I would like to make clear one more thing that I can not guarantee that after how much time Google will stop indexing your site. Because time required for a complete website removal from search results also depends on the size of website (number of indexed pages, etc.). But I'm quite much sure I you will follow all the steps mentioned above to remove site from google index and search results of all search engines then I'm quite sure It will not take a time more than a day, no matter how many pages your website has.

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