16 December 2009

Rad Blaster mini boombox plays tunes and stores files

Dec. 15, 2009 (2:42 pm) By: Doug Osborne
Rad Blaster (550 x 413)
It is often said that good things come in small packages. Take for example this little gem of a device called the Rad Blaster. Indeed, it looks like a toy boombox you might find at the bottom of a cereal box or kid’s meal. But don’t let its diminutive size fool you. This gadget is actually a MP3 player and is chock full with features to help you take and make your music on the go.
Loaded with a 1 inch (128×64) color OLED screen, built-in high quality speakers and a 3.5mm earphone jack, the Rad Blaster can play most audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE along with AAC. And to make the music sound even better, the boombox even features multiple playback modes as well as 7 EQ settings to get the most out of your tunes.
Loading files onto the boombox is a breeze. Just detach the right speaker and it serves a 2GB Flash drive that you can use to store music or other files. Also – if you ever feel the need to bust out a few rhymes, the Rad Blaster has you covered with a built-in microphone and record switch to help save those lyrics for a later time.
rad blaster 2 (550 x 415)
All this in a rechargeable device that can hang easily from a necklace that is even included with the kit. The Rad Blaster is portable, fun looking, functional and also fashionable. What more could you want in a unique MP-3 player?
They are available now from SubUrban Toys for just $59.99
Read more at Rad Blaster.

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